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Operation and servicing of individually owned aircraft | Авиакомпания в республике Мальта

Operation and servicing of individually owned aircraft

Бизнес авиация на Мальте

— Orion Malta operates aircraft designed for both private and business owners in Europe and Russia, ensuring continuous airworthiness and technical conformity with EASA standards, the compulsory European regulations.
— Orion Malta provides flight crews for privately owned aircraft.
— Orion Malta performs technical servicing of aircraft using the resources of the company’s engineering team. They prepare aircraft for flights, conduct necessary testing and diagnostics after landing and provide qualified supervision over all types of maintenance and repair works at the best authorized European service centers and maintain complete technical records of aircraft.
— Orion Malta offers personal online access to its clientele of aircraft owners directly from the company’s website, where service schedules as well as information about the location and immediate flights planned for their aircraft are available in real time.
— Orion Malta gives the interested owners an opportunity for commercial use of their aircraft—performing charter flights on a mutually profitable basis.
— Orion Malta assists in the selection of an aircraft for acquisition, including leasing and arranging financing for such a purchase.
— Orion Malta verifies the technical condition of chosen aircraft and conducts a thorough audit, pursuant to the requirements of the preferred country of registration.
— Orion Malta registers airplanes in the aircraft registers of Malta (EASA), or the Isle of Man (EASA), or, as the client wishes, offering assistance in registration in Aruba, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

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