Registration and licensing
Orion Malta is a European airline company registered and licensed in the Republic of Malta. It holds an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) No. M 11, effective from the 4th August 2009, and a license for charter passenger transportation (ASL). The airline’s head office is located in the City of Valletta, Malta and there is a permanent representative in Moscow, Russia. The airline maintains its own fleet of aircraft, and performs flights to any part of the world.

The company’s flight crew consists of experienced European and Russian pilots, licensed to fly in Europe (JAA ATPL), North America (FAA ATPL), and Russia (Russian ATPL). Our pilots have extensive flight experience, flying into complex European airports (eg. Lugano, Sion, Samedan, Cannes, Krk Islands).

The technical team consists of aviation specialists with more than a decade of experience working with advanced aviation equipment, trained in the US, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands. Our specialists are authorized to participate in both line and base maintenance on various types of aircraft including Hawker 125 (versions 800, 900, and 1000), Gulfstream 200 and Challenger 604 and 605. The company’s specialists prepare the aircraft for takeoffs and conduct testing and computer diagnostics of the aircraft systems and equipment upon landings, including replacing and servicing parts and units as might be required.

2 Spiteri Buildings, Gianni Vassallo Street, Luqa, LQA 1500, Malta
Tel.: +356 2125 7270, fax: +356 2125 7271
E-mail: info@orion-malta.com

117751, Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo, Bldg. 88
Telephone.: +7 (495) 978 1141
Fax: +7 (495) 937 2775
Е-mail: moscow@orion-malta.com

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